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Presenting our team…… Experience, Expertise = Expectations Exceeded.

() denotes years since affiliation to FPI

Finances & Legal

Yves Boucher, C.A. KBHNS (2010)

Michael Martin, Colby Monet LLP (1998)

Eileen Haimovitz, C.A. Abramovitch & Associates (1996)

Yoko Yamashita, B.Com (2005)



Denis Chagnon, former Communications Director @ ICAO (1997)

Gillian Hobbs, medical writer (1984)

Nicole Guillemet, former director at Palais des Congres de Montréal (1986)

Francis Zhang, free lance web master (2005)

Tony Rettino, free lance graphic designer (2007)

Werner Arnold, free lance graphic designer (1997)



June Viau (1997)

Ivana Felicissimo (1995)

Ruth Donovan (2014)

Stuart Seeley (2010)

The team’s expertise lies in their excellent organizational skills, ability to establish priorities, set up infrastructure, the planning and execution of objectives, problem resolution, and coping with contingencies. 


About the Founder


Lucy Felicissimo is recognized as a world leader in managing medical conferences – both international and local.

Her passion for conference organizing began in 1972 when working at McGill University.  From 1976 to 2004 she provided her services to the International Society of Endocrinology.

With the FPI team, accomplishments include management of international conferences on AIDS, Infectious Diseases, ObGyn, Sleep Disorders, Telemedicine and Transplantation, among others.  Non-medical conferences include International Civil Aviation Organization (IACAO), Science Journalists, World Religions, and World Energy.

Services also provided to the Federal and Provincial governments, ICAO, and international congresses in Europe, Australia, Japan and Africa.


Lucy is also an active volunteer:

She served on the Board of Vanguard School from 1997 to 2007 (Vanguard is a school for children with special needs).  She chaired the Fund Raising Committee and organized the first For the Love of Vanguard Valentine Fund Raising Event.  

Since 2010 she serves as Warden to the Paroisse Sainte-Famille-Bordeaux-Cartierville and spear-headed several fund-raising events for these (four) churches, most notable the March 8th Womens Day Event.


Her ever-present sense of humour is one of her greatest assets!






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